Monday, April 25, 2011

Cookies for Kids Cancer & How I Got Involved

When doing some internet surfing on ways to raise money for charitable donations, I came across this charity. I read the story about Prince Liam the Brave and tears welled up in my eyes. I started to think about my three boys and how I would manage if I knew one one them was deathly sick. And my heart broke even more.

My three boys are my world and the reason I get up each and every day. Reading the story behind Liam's fight for his life and the battles his parents endured along the way, inspired me to help.

So, I have signed up to be a contributor in hosting three bake sales, one a month for three months, to raise money for kids cancer. Liam's parents created Cookies for Kid's Cancer as a means to generate funds to research and find a cure for pediatric cancers.

I will be posting the event dates and places for all to come out and show your support! So, keep checking back.

Cookies For Kid's Cancer

A Message From Gretchen Witt

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