Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Glossy Party In Review

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending "The Glossy Party" by Ayari Makeovers and I have to say...I LOVED IT! I attended the event with a dear friend of mine, Deborah Diaz (A Mommy's Links Member), and we had the best girls night out of pampering ever! Just upon walking into the K-Lounge, the ambiance was that of a party with a touch of pampering flare! You walked in to see a full stocked bar, where for every drink you purchased you received a raffle ticket for a chance to win one of the great giveaways they provided every 10-15 mins. There was a delish tea station, where you could sample teas by Argo Tea. And then there was a  candy bar to make yourself a goody bag of  just that...goodies provided by Cherish Tha Mo'ment.
Then the room opens up to a sea of vendors there just for YOU! To your right, chair massages by Canela Spa, yummy cake pops by Pinky Pops, and facial spray tans by Brazil Bronze. I had the pleasure of sampling each one of these services and I must was awesome. The cake pop I tried in, of course my fave, Red Velvet was delish! The chair massage was just heavenly and I have to give a shout out to my masseuse, Chrissy Diaz, LMT. She worked her magical hands on my back, neck, scalp, arms and finished it off with some almond butter and a hand massage. PURE HEAVEN! We can't forget Brazil Bronze, which offered a spray tan demo  by giving your face a touch of brazilian bronze GLOW! It took all of a few minutes and VOILA!!! Bronzed, Beautiful and Glowing!

Now, let me take you on a journey through the vendors on my left! We had eyebrow threading and Henna Tattoo's provided by Quick Brows Zone. Makeup and Eyelash application by Backstage Cosmetix, Passion Parties, Shoes from Last Night, Makeup application by Beauty Blender, Lip Service (Analysis) provided by Ayari Makeovers, Feather Extensions by Glam Sam and the DJ spinning music all night long! Now what did I get done? I started with eyebrow threading, which I have NEVER done, and I must say I am now converted! The process didn't even take five minutes! And it didn't hurt, which for me is the biggest plus! Not to mention, my lovely eyebrows as the finished product! We waited on line for Henna...which had to be the most sought after service, because the line was hella long! So much so that with two people to go in front of us, she ran out of henna....BUMMER! I guess I will have to visit their salon or just wait until the next Glossy Party. While we waited for our names to be called for our Makeup and Eyelash Application, we visited with Ayari Makeovers and their Lip Service. I have to say this was super interesting. The asked you to apply a lipstick (which they provided to you as a gift) and then asked you to imprint your lips on a napkin. From that, they compared your lips to a chart of similar lips. Mine basically told me, I am picky, driven, detail oriented and Oh so true! Who knew my lip imprint could say so much that was oh sooooo true! Even when Deb had it done, it was spot on! Telling her she was always trying to make nice! That's the story of her life..LOL! And right next door to them was, Feathers by Glam Sam. This was a simple yet awesome fashion statement. And it seems to be the new "IN" thing. The application took only a few minutes and it lasts for a week. Deb and I each picked different colors. Mine was red and hers was purple. And it looks super cute and fashionable! 

The HIGHLIGHT of the night was....drumroll please.......Makeup and Eyelash application! Though we waited all night our name finally cam up and I have to say, I LOVE JAEDEN!! Jaeden was our makeup artist and that he was! Not only did his makeup skills shine but his personality was amazing! Full of life and smiling from ear to ear! Backstage Cosmetix, you got it right by having him on your team! He transformed every woman he touched. Whether you just got eyelashes applied or full makeup, you left his chair BEAUTIFIED by Jaeden! When I asked Jaeden, "How long will the lashes last?", his response was, "As long as you sleep pretty." So, I guess mine will last a long

The night ended with Jaeden and Backstage Cosmetix for us and we didn't even get to touch the far end of the party! YEP, there's more!!! Nail Gypsy provided manicures, B Spa Bar had a representative on site with some of the products available with services at their spa, Skin Analysis by Artistry, Eyelash extensions by Uptown Girl and Nail Designs by The Mani Cure.

I have to say I 100% recommend this event to ALL WOMEN!!! This is a great way to spend an evening out with your girlfriends and get pampered. Hey, even better, get it all done at The Glossy Party and follow it up with an awesome night on the town. Why waste all that beautification by home? Go out and have a've been "Glossified" and are ready to party!

Want to see some of the action? Here's some footage from the event:

Oh and it gets better!! I totally slept pretty!! Check out the next morning:
 I'd say I was "Glossified" and slept pretty! Two Thumbs Up for The Glossy Party! That's my two cents, but it counts!

Disclosure: I was not paid for this review. This review is of my own opinions and all footage is my own.  I was provided a pass to the event by The Glossy Party.


  1. Thanks for the shout! I'm glad you enjoyed the massage!! Chrissy Diaz, LMT.

  2. You're very welcome Chrissy! Loved it!

  3. Glad you enjoyed your Backstage Cosmetix experience with Jaeden !! Thank you for The wonderful compliments .. Kiam Barrese - Owner / Backstage Cosmetix



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