Thursday, July 21, 2011

5 Things We Hate About Ourselves That He May Love

I read alot of different articles online and I came across this one and thought I would share it with you. So often we hate the imperfections in our bodies and we always think that a man will hate them too! But do they really? Do they care about the things that make us crazy about our bodies? According to this article, "5 "Imperfections" That Guys Find Totally Hot", here are five things that we might hate about ourselves that they love:

  1. Hook Nose
  2. Chubby Tummy
  3. Small Breasts
  4. Looking Gross
  5. Gap Teeth
So, looking at this stands out to me big time! Chubby Tummy! I am not a size 2 by any means and my problem zone has always been my tummy...since having my kids.  For me its double the issue because I have a harder time losing my "chubby tummy" because I have had c-sections and having my muscles cut and put back together have left me with a harder to get rid of mid section and a scar! So, to read an article, by a guy, telling me its ok and that they actually love a little extra is reassuring! 

Being in the dating world again has made a lot of these imperfections surface for me. But I am glad that its mostly in my head lol. I mean seriously, I have walked down the street, in sweats and been hit on and have always thought..really? lol..But I guess as women, we want to present the best and so we always feel like we have to be on our "pretty" game.

I am greatful for having read this article and getting an insight on what men really do see when they look at me! They see me!! So, did this help you feel more comfortable with who you are, I know it helped me.

These are my two cents and they count! 

Article can be read in full here: 5 "Imperfection" That Guys Find Totally Hot

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  1. Oh, how I can relate to the c-section tummy. I particularly love the little "shelf" above my scar. But I look at the 3 minions I have and think that it's (mostly) worth it.

    Enjoyed your blog (and really like the design). Following from VoiceBoks.




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