Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cursive Writing Becoming Extinct?!

I was just reading an article that 42 states are dropping teaching our children cursive! They are going to focus more on keyboard skills than teaching our children to write script! This comes on the brink of research conducted of teachers nationwide in 2009!

Here is my question: Why on Earth would someone ask teachers if our children should be taught cursive and not ask us as parents whether we think it is an essential tool for our kids to learn? Granted it is not math or reading but it is a tool. And yes, I do agree that in this day of technology that writing is becoming prehistoric, it is still a skill that should be taught. My thinking on these teachers who thought this was the best decision is they don't want to strain to read our kids work, because we all know some of the penmanship they have is atrocious! Was this to make their work easier? I have to think that was a main factor in their decision. I mean next thing you know the class is not going to even be taught keyboard technique on a computer, they are just going to change it to a texting technique class!

Though the article does not state with 42 states are actually changing their standards, I have to hope the my state of NY is smart enough to realize we have enough people immigrating from other countries that can't even read, let alone write proper alphabet and here we are ready to dismiss another integral part of developing motor skills are children need! This is obviously just my two cents, but they damn well do count!

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  1. I am so glad to see you feel the same as I do! I read a local article the other day where it mentioned that Indiana (I live in Illinois, where as far as I know we are still teaching cursive) is no longer going to teach cursive! I just could NOT believe it. And to hear that it is actually 42 states doing away with cursive, well, that just amazes me.

    How will anyone know how to sign their name if they don't know cursive??


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