Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Do you hide behind your laptop or phone?

Do you ever feel like facebook and texting does nothing but cause more issues?! Like what happened to people talking face to face and being real with one another? And did you ever notice how people get really bold when they post it online? Like really, come on people, grow up! Where did the days of communicating with a person  intimately go? Now, people meet online and use video chat...go out people, meet, have a drink! Get to know one another on the real because the people are who we want people to think we are. I, as a blogger, spend alot of time behind my laptop but I make sure to get out and meet with my friends and family. Don't get me wrong, I love my facebook and I text alot! But I also remember that in person communication is needed. Do you hide behind your phone or laptop? Do you talk with a confidence you never had when you post online? Why?

I personally don't post anything on facebook or send texts that I have not already made known in person. I just think its cowardly for people to hide behind their phones and computers because its easier. Be real people, I always am. But thats just my two cents, but they count!

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