Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our adventure to see Transformers 3

Yesterday, I entered a contest to win tickets to a special screening of Transformers 3 and at 1230pm, I received the email I had won! Yay! I was super excited. I knew exactly who I was going to 6 year old son! So, we planned for my other two children to stay with someone else and at about 415 we were racing to get into the city.

Well, we got onto the 59th street Bridge and poof...traffic!! Ugh! By the time we got past all that and reached the west side, now came the daunting task of finding parking! God was good! We found a parking and then what happens...its one of the pay meters...I arm myself with $3 worth of quarters and what do I find? Its .50 for 10 minutes!!! And it was only 5pm and the meter was in effect until 7pm! I asked someone if they had four quarters for a dollar and nada! So, I threw up a prayer put my quarters in, printed my reciept, put it on the dashboard and ran to make it to the movie in time!

We stood on a small line designated for ticket holders needing to pick up their tickets. Its then that we realize, not only were we goign to be seeing a private screening of TF3, but it was in IMAX and in 3D!!! What a treat! We gave them my name, got our tickets and skipped away to the escalator. When we finally reached the top, we walk in to a room filled with bags of popcorn and sodas...ALL FREE!!! We each grab a popcorn and a soda and head for the door. In our path was another man giving away TF3 t-shirts! We asked for one and moved on to the next person waiting to hand us our 3D glasses. Happily and super excited we entered a theater filled with people! We find our seats and wait for the show to start!

I have to say, the movie was engaging, funny, action packed, emotional! It was just plain ole' great! My son and I raved about coming out of the theater. But then reality sets in and we remember about the car! It's 8:15 by now and as we are walking over to the car we are stretching our necks trying to see if that horrid orange paper is on the window! And to our surprise, NOTHING! Woohoo! I turn to my son and tell him ...say "Thank you Jesus" ...and he does lol.

I have to say, it is very rare that I get to venture out with just one of my boys and enjoy our time....I am glad I got this opportunity. My son and I loved the movie and the time spent without all the sibling bickering!

So, what's my two cents on this....Remember to make time for each one of your children. It is those moments that bond you forever! Memories made between just the two of you! That's my two cents...and they definitely count!


  1. My husband did this with all of his girls(my step-daughters). It is so important!! Thanks for sharing a great story:)

  2. Really great post! I love how you bring the message in at the end. It's good advise - I'm always trying to find time for each of my three. Maybe the girl and I will go out this weekend. ( : Following you from VoiceBoks!

  3. That's so nice! You made his day and he made yours! Awesome.
    Becky from VB

  4. That is SO COOL! I'm jealous of your adventure!

    I agree that it is so important to have some one on one time with each of your kids. I try so hard to schedule that in once a week - though it usually ends up being once a month (with 6 kids and my health issues, it's just hard to get anything done lol).

    P.S. Visiting from voiceBoks!



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