Sunday, May 15, 2011

Give and Take

When is giving too much? Do you ever find yourself giving to people and feeling used because there is never a reciprocation? Do you find that people call you when in need, but when you are the one in need everyone's busy or will call you later? Or how bout the person in your life that calls you, texts you and comes to see you because they need something but once it's done, they are no where to be found or pick fights with you for no damn reason! I'm sure, if you are like me, you answered yes to a least one if not all!

In my life I feel like this everyday! Being a mom of three boys is hard enough and then you throw in money, food, extracurricular activities, looking for a better job, finding a suitable caretaker, dealing with other situations, and maintaining my home!! With all that, I still get the, Chris, can you...? Chris, I need... Chris, help me...Mom, I need .... Mom, can I..? Mom, Chris....always always always...never a break! It gets very overwhelming. And it projects onto others and then I end up feeling crappy!

I guess maybe it just reflects on me that I am a giver. I am that person who people come to when in need. But who is on the other end helping me when I'm in need? It gets overwhelming and an outlet is necessary! 

Lately, I have been getting irritated with the slightest things! One day a couple of weeks ago, I went shopping with all three boys and I had to drop everything in the store and leave,.I couldn't take the bickering and hearing myself one hundred times calling my kids names in the store. I can only imagine if I was feeling that way...what must the other shoppers be feeling. Yesterday, after a long day with my boys and all the stomach went into an uproar! I think my body is trying to talk to me...TAKE A BREAK!!! But how can I take a break? Where can I hide? I mean even locking myself in the bathroom in a hot tub is not resting. Kids banging on the door for no reason just because I am not in their line of sight! I can hear it in my head, the famous catchphrase, "Calgon, take me away!" 

Anyone feel like this too? 

I mean this is just my two cents...but they count!


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  2. I'm inclined to agree with you, I have a small son who is often very demanding. Hopefully, he will off to stay with his grandparents overnight soon, so I can have a break. I suppose kids staying away is more difficult for you as you have more than one child.

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