Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Driving this morning to take my kids to school, I was listening to Z100 and a topic of conversation was a man-batical. It's when we as women remove men for all aspects of our lives, other than those that serve us like a waiter in a restaurant. Could you take a man-batical? How long do you think yours would last?

Recently, for me, I have actually thought this might be healthy and empowering for me. I honestly have come to believe that men are just stress to me. I have three boys and just having their influence on a daily basis as boys is enough to send me to a far away land where no men exist. lol. But at what point do we say, men are a bonus after we, as women, find our true selves and are happy with who we are?

Dependency is a two way street. In one way or another, we become co-dependent as men and women. And I don't think there is anything wrong with a small degree of co-dependency but when the scales of equality that the point when we as women should step back and realize that maybe we need a man-batical?

What are your two cents?

These are just my two cents...but they count!

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